Investment Services


We will help discover assets, build and manage investment portfolios around cryptocurrencies, forex, and the entire financial market.

We will do this in three simple steps.

Discover Assets For You

We use fundamental and technical analysis to discover profitable assets with the potential and power to bring you good returns on your investments and our techniques are higly fruitfull.

Customize Your Portfolio

After we have identified the profitable assets for you, we select from them and build portfolios that are tailored to meet financial goals that match your budget substantially.


After building your portfolio, next is, we begin to trade the assets and also manage the risk exposure adequately, using smart contract and expert advisors, with the supervision of our human traders.

Investment Products



Cryptocurrencies are the fastest growing assets in the financial space today, and we have devised strategies to successfully trade them.



Our Forex pairs are carefully selected in a way that balances an active portfolio for steady profits and lower risks for our investors.

Stocks & ETFs

Industry ETFs

Through Industry ETFs, investors access the stocks and securities of specific industry sectors, such as energy, biotechnology, or chemicals.

Stocks & ETFs

Commodity ETFs

The Commodity ETF allows our investors to access physical commodities, such as agricultural goods, natural resources, and precious metals

Options & Indexes

Binary Options

Options give our investors the opportunity, but not the obligation, to buy or sell an underlying asset at an agreed-upon price and date.

Options & Indexes

Barrier Options

Barrier options provide a pay-out to our investors when the underlying security does (or does not) reach a pre-determined price.

Are you looking for professional investment advice?

We have our investment advisors ready to guide you through your investment needs

Why Choose Nuroswealth

A strategically built portfolio will transform your financial future.

We’re not just an investment company. We are a company that’s concerned about our client’s financial future. That’s why we put in the best resources to ensure that their dreams come to fruition. Why not join us?







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Frequently Asked Questions

For now, the minimum investment amount with Nuroswealth is $500. The BONUS PLAN has a flexible amount which could be lower or higher than this, but is usually determined by management and/or economic conditions.

There are no restrictions to funds deposited in your account, except for the security of withdrawal which would require that all withdrawals are confirmed by the account owner. Also, profits are only available at the end of the investment cycle.

The profits on investments (also called ROI: return on investments) are paid to the account given when opening your investment account.

Anyone from 18 and above is eligible to open an investment account with Nuroswealth.

Nuroswealth operates a zero-commission investment system. There are therefore no fees attached to investing with us.

Our internal system is backed by a cryptographic 256bits encryption protocol, which is the same used for nearly all blockchain-based technologies.


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